Are you ready for FUN?

Give your child a Birthday to remember!

Our parties are a Fun and Original way to celebrate your Child's Birthday Party.


We believe children are capable, curious creatures that benefit from the learning and social interactions our parties have to offer.


We provide Fun, Interesting and Educational parties that allows creativity to flow, giving the kids the freedom to explore and socialise by only giving as little or as much assistance as needed.


So whether YOU are a Shaker or a Baker, We have a variety of parties on offer which can be themed to suit your Child.

Pick your party!

Cooking Parties

Our cooking parties are the perfect way for kids to discover their passion for food whilst being the chef for the day. In this hands ON party experience we learn simple cooking skills that gives kids the confidence they need to explore home cooking. Children also tend to eat what they create, so a cooking party is always a hit especially when we include healthy foods like sushi to our menu.

Zumba Parties

Our Zumba parties are energetic, fun and the music is contagious! 

We work on easy fun routines that enables the children to move, dance and work on their coordination whilst dancing their hearts out with their friends. This party is a great way for for kids to exercise by having fun, socialising, letting go and creating healthy habits for life!

Zumba is fun, zumba is contagious, zumba is how we like to Party!